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‘A Nivarata: Acireale e il rito della Granita Siciliana | Etna Walking Rural

‘A Nivarata: Acireale e il rito della Granita Siciliana

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June 3 -5, 2016 – Acireale (CT)

A parade of suburbia at the Festival of Granita. At Acireale (CT), the fifth edition of Nivarata, the ritual of Granita. The event, scheduled from 3 to 5 June, 2016 will come to life in the streets of the city centre, rich in history, cultural, architectural, natural and gastronomic heritage linked to numerous dominations. With its climate, its scents and colours make it an ideal location to spend the summer vacation tastes in every sense, granita included!

The program of the event includes artistic, cultural and recreational activities, to cheer the stay of visitors including a tasting and the other characters of ice cream and international cuisine that will involve the audience with a demonstration of the preparation of shaved ice, ice cream and traditional Sicilian dishes.

A Nivarata is a name inspired by “Nivaroli”, people who once went to the mountains to take the snow and then use it, along with lemon or orange juice or coffee, for creating a refreshing sorbet during the summer. The creation of the festival in 2012 comes to affirm the peculiarities of granita, encouraging the spread of craft product in the world.

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