Vincenzo Scavuzzo

Environmental guides (AIGAE), founding partner of srl, a company that produced the Madonie adventure, first in Sicily (2008), partner CAI and the CD component of section 2012 of Petralia Sottana, a member of the Ski Club of the Madonie Park and from 2012 the CD component. Professional qualification to work at height and prevention of falls from a height, pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/2008. Nordic Walking Instructor of SINW. Practice for personal pleasure, downhill skiing, ski mountaineering, caving, rock climbing and mountain biking.
Dream: fly!


Environmental guides, mainly, I work on the Madonie AIGAE associated, but not only. Besides taking care of accompanying groups, follow customers for all their needs, transfers, accommodation, etc.

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    Via Trinità, 38, 90024 Gangi PA

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