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Basula Fest in Santa Venerina | Etna Walking Rural
Basula Fest in Santa Venerina
25 April 2018 Daniela Moscato

April 25 – Santa Venerina (CT)

A project that wants to create, through the party, a moment of popular aggregation made up of freedom, music and tradition. The Basula Fest takes place at the Park of Cosentini, in the territory of the Municipality of Santa Venerina, in the province of Catania. The basula fest is a meeting place for music and dance, free space, open to musicians and fans of any level and extraction, to exchange and experiment freely in a festive atmosphere. The party as every year is strictly free entry.

During these years many and great were the artistic presences on the stage of the basula fest, with the tambourine that has always been the instrument of reference: bridge between old and new, between near and far. Let’s remember first of all the Salento Pino Zimba and his Zimbaria, the Sicilian musicians of Massimo La Guardia and Michele Piccione, the stories and ancient stories of the storyteller Luigi Di Pino.

And then again the pressing rhythms of the Anzikitanzae of the Qbeta, the energy of the kamafei and the kalàscima, the Sicilian-Balkan family of the Matrimia, the ancient stories of the ‘NaMaravigghia, the percussion of Vito Badalà, the tambourines of Enrico Grassi Bertazzi and many others .

If you are fascinated by the shrubs and eat or if you occasionally dream of “maidde” full of meat sauce or saucepans full of garlic, oil and chilli pepper, Cosentini’s park when it is time for the basula fest is just the place you are looking for! Between beautiful “sasizza, frisca beer, vinu bonu and tant’amici”.

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