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Beer Fest of Valverde | Etna Walking Rural
Beer Fest of Valverde
27 July 2018 Daniela Moscato

27 – 29 luglio, Valverde (CT)

Beer Fest of Valverde, from 27 to 29 July 2018 back one of the most important events in all of Southern Italy dedicated to beer. At the foot of the highest active volcano in Europe, Valverde will once again frame the Kermesse Brassicola.

Many local producers and quality breweries will guide us to the discovery of one of the oldest drinks ever produced by man. A whole season of music shows and the usual artisan market. Between one mug and another, the most varied food stands will delight your palate. Nothing really is missing to make this historic event unmissable.

● Background on the party:
The Beer Festival has ancient roots.
In fact, Valverde was the headquarters of a small factory of the well-known Italian-Danish Henninger Beer Company.
This experience was a small industrial turning point of the piedmont village, involving many Valverdesi in its staff. For this reason, the country over a decade ago, decides to tell the beer, the protagonist of the history of Valverde, dedicating a festival in the streets of the country. The party gets the attention of a large audience, and it also becomes an annual tradition. In 2015, the administration decides to involve the Etnart association for the organization of the festival.

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