Carnevale estivo di Acireale
12 August 2017 Daniela Moscato

05/20 August – Acireale (CT)

Acireale summer carnival. Art and Folklore at the most beautiful “Summer Carnival of Sicily”, Parade of the summer carnival of Acireale (CT) initiatives and shows.

The summer version is a synthesis of the best and most beautiful wagons and costumes of the winter edition that every year between January and February repeats in Sicily with a tradition that has very ancient origins and that since 1500 has a carnival made of masks and wonderful costumes carnival for the joy of masked children and adults.

In Sicily the Acireale Carnival is just as famous and important as the Venice Carnival, the Carnival of
One hundred, the Carnival of Ivrea and the Viareggio Carnival with which twins are often made. Various activities with storytellers, folk groups, bands, miniature carts and much more. During the event throughout the historic center various activities with storytellers, folk groups, musical bands, displaying miniature carts. The artisan shops – The Sicilian Carretto on display – Opera dei Pupi Showings, Processing of papier-mâché and exhibition of postcards of Acireale, workshops of the desserts – processing of real pasta.

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