Carnival of Acireale
17 February 2019 Daniela Moscato

17 February / 05 March – Acireale (CT)

Edition 2019 Carnival of Acireale the most beautiful Carnival of Sicily from 17 February to 5 March. Allegorical floats, parades of masked groups and shows. A theater of wonders: masks, confetti, lights, flowers, music.

The beautiful streets and squares of the historic center of Acireale are the ideal setting for a show that reaches the climax with the parades of the carts, through which the acai artisans express their wit and imagination, stimulating that of others. Admire the fashion shows is like flipping through a magazine of various topics, always treated with much allegory and a lot of satire, so that even the most serious problems can generate a smile, becoming at the same time an object of reflection. The Carnival is the long festive period that precedes the Lenten fast in the countries with a Catholic tradition. It is believed for a long time that the origin of the term carnival was derived from meat levare. The most widespread opinion is that carnival represents a Christian adaptation of ancient pagan purifying ceremonies. The historical reconstruction of the carnival, in a city like Acireale, is rather complex. From some documents, such as payment orders, it is certain that this anniversary was already celebrated at the end of the sixteenth century.

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