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Aci Catena | Etna Walking Rural

Municipality Aci Catena

Aci Catena owes its current name is due to the cult of “Maria S.S. della Catena”, whose Mother Church is dedicated to.

Aci Catena is a small town nestled in the valley of the Aci river , 170 mt. above sea level. In the past it had several names, as many as the number of current districts, towns and quarters: Reitana, St. Venera al Pozzo, Nizzeti, Mangano, St. Nicholas, etc. Its current name is due to the cult of Mary. Chain, whose Mother Church is named after. A feast devoted to the Virgin Mary is celebrated twice Every year , January 11 and August 15.


The main temple city is the shrine dedicated to “Maria SS. Della Catena”, which is admired for three main elements: the Madonna, the dome and the bell. The precious jewelry, the golden mantle and crown make Madonna imposing and majestic. Even the baby in her arms is a jewel of art. Of particular note, it is the hand that carries a golden chain on his hand as if to tie the hearts of the faithful to the Mother. Reitana in the district there are the Roman Baths, which seem to rise on an existing, probably greek. Are the remains of the basement of a Roman temple, perhaps of the Republican era, probably dedicated to Venus. The name “Baths of S. Venera al Pozzo” was appointed in the seventeenth century. The The water mills pathway in the Greek-Roman Reitana Valley is equally impressive. The mills construction was mainly due to the large amount of water available on the territory. The Reintana square is accordingly famous for its Reitana lupins, and the presence of springs.


The image of majestic Etna is the backdrop to huge fields of citrus groves. Aci Catena is known for the production of verdello Lemon, also called the “Lemon summer” for its flowering during the summer. Among the local products there is also the cabbage “Trunzu Of Aci and salted or baked Ricotta.