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Easter in Aci Platani | Etna Walking Rural
Easter in Aci Platani
26 March 2018 Daniela Moscato

March 26th / April 1st – Aciplatani (CT)

Sacred Representation of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ In Aci Platani (CT), an event of poignant intensity and moving participation. Every year, the parish community of Aci Platani, on the occasion of Easter, lives one of the most awaited and felt moments in the Achaean territory: the Holy Representation of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in living figures, held on churchyard of the Mother Church, in the local Piazza 4 September, on Palm Sunday.

An event of poignant intensity and moving participation that, every year, calls to Aci Platani hundreds of people coming from the various nearby centers. The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, which culminates in death on the cross and in the resurrection, has always been the heart of the Gospel message.

The representation, treated in detail by the Cultural Association Mons. A. Calabretta, begins with the entrance of Jesus to Jerusalem, to continue with the last supper and capture in the garden of olive trees; soon after the trial begins before the Roman prosecutor Pontius Pilate, after the touching moment of the scourging, culminates in the condemnation to death of Jesus. Thus, among an ever-increasing number of people, begins the Via Crucis which, after a short journey , returns to the Piazza, where the touching scene of the crucifixion of Christ the Lord is rebuilt, together with the two robbers. Singular and awaited, after the burial, the moment of the resurrection that, every year, presents elements of novelty to be always original and involving.

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