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Feast of Pizza and Schiacciata in Valverde | Etna Walking Rural
Feast of Pizza and Schiacciata in Valverde
1 September 2018 Daniela Moscato

01/02 September – Valverde (CT)

XXVI Edition of the Festival of Pizza and Schiacciata and Pane Condito 1 and 2 September 2018 in Valverde (CT). The festival, dedicated to food and crafts, has grown to popularity; in fact it is known throughout the province of Catania and every year visitors come from all over for the pleasure of enjoying a good portion of pizza or squeezed in joy.

The Misericoridia of Valverde, as well as all the Misericordie, is sustained with contributions given by citizens and by supporting members who, aware that in addition to making the palate enjoy, contribute, with their contribution, to carry forward the Mercy and its works ; in fact, what you ask in exchange for pizza and schiacciata, is a minimum offer.

The party takes place in an atmosphere of great friendship, a joyful and relaxing atmosphere in a frenetic swirl of young and old in the service of the common good to ensure that the evening succeeds, that the pizzas and the dunks are hot, that the drinks are cold, that the heart of volunteerism throbs strongly. The pizzas will be prepared on the place of the party thanks to the work of skilled specialist pizza makers, who will provide for the preparation and cooking of the same with the aid of professional ovens. Live music and dance shows are the setting for the event.

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