Feast of San Vito in Mascalucia

Feast of San Vito in Mascalucia
15 June 2019 Daniela Moscato

Celebrations in Honor to the Patron Saint and Protector Vito in Mascalucia (CT), on June 15th, in memory of his glorious birth to heaven and the first Sunday of August. As every year the City of Mascalucia prepares to welcome the patron saint with great faith and devotion.

San Vito Patron of Mascalucia
Many years ago the Patron Saint was San Nicola di Bari, but after various vicissitudes his place was taken by San Vito. San Vito martyr was born in Mazara probably around the year 286 AD Tradition says he lost his mother as a child and was entrusted to the care of a Christian nurse named Crescenzia and to a teacher, also a Christian, named Modesto, the which they secretly educated him in the Christian faith. On February 23, 303, a persecution of Christians was unleashed with the edict issued by Emperor Diocletian.

The persecution soon spread, like a cyclone, for all the provinces of the empire and the emperor’s orders soon reached Sicily, where almost all Christians preferred to die rather than deny Christ. Vito’s father tried in every way to dissuade his son from joining Christianity, but having failed, denounced him to the public authorities. Certainly also for the young Vito all those tortures were used that were put in place on such occasions. First of all we tried to smear the martyr with the temptations of the senses, so that before the faith, man felt himself a loser and a traitor in the moral life.

The party

Carriers opening that tell the life of the patron saint, and spectacular fireworks. Suggestive procession of the Holy Effigy of the Holy, placed on the silver Fercolo, traditional “Entrance of the parties” (section of the districts of Mascalucia, San Vito and Matrice), an enchanting fireworks display. The party evenings conclude with the opening of the Carro di San Vito, an architectural structure in iron and wood characterized by artistic motifs with living characters that represent plastically the life of Vito. The culmination of the final scene occurs with the apotheosis of San Vito, unveiled with a grandiose fireworks show. The celebrations in honor of the Patron Saint begin with the Holy Mass, the exposition of the Saint. and guided worship.

June 15
9.15am Unveiled of the Patron Saint Vito.
5.00 pm Band Leader Entry
8.00 pm Exit of the patron saint Vito and Procession along the main streets of the city and up to Chiesa Madre.
around 11.30 pm return of the patron saint Vito in his own church and spectacular fireworks.

Summer celebrations – first Sunday of August
Unveiled of the Patron Saint Vito, at 9.00 pm Exit of San Vito and Procession along via Etnea up to the Chiesa Madre, return to the church of San Vito at the end of the show Fireworks “Hurray Santu Vitu”.

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