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Feast of the Patriarch Saint Joseph in Mascalucia | Etna Walking Rural

Feast of the Patriarch Saint Joseph in Mascalucia

Feast of the Patriarch Saint Joseph in Mascalucia
19 March 2018 Daniela Moscato

March 9/19 – Mascalucia (CT)

Appointment in Mascalucia (CT) for the Feast of the Patriarch Saint Joseph, venerated in the Parish of Santa Maria della Consolazione. Scheduled appointments and some recreational initiatives. On the 19th of March, the day of the feast, in the afternoon the solemn “Cavalcata di San Giuseppe” takes place, a parade of Sicilian horses and carriages with the characteristic representation of the Holy Family, in the evening during the fercolo procession, the characteristic “Calata dell ‘ Angel”. The party comes before the Solemn Novenaire. The solemn tolling of the bell tower of the “Matrice” announces the beginning of the Novena in honor of the Saint.

On March 18 Solemnity Vigil – Lighting of the artistic lights.

March 19 – Solemnity of Saint Joseph
The festive peal will greet the solemn day dedicated to the Saint Patriarch Saint Joseph.
Collection of gifts for the traditional “Auction of St. Joseph” through the streets of the village.
In the afternoon Traditional “Auction of Saint Joseph” in Piazza Chiesa Madre. Solemn Eucharistic Celebration in honor of St. Joseph and Distribution of Blessed Bread.

Following the Festive Exit from the Church of the Mother of Fercolo with the simulacrum of St. Joseph between the sound of the bells, the launch of multicolored cards, the music of the band body and the Procession of the Simulacrum that will travel the streets: Etnea, Marconi, Timparello, Rome, Etnea up to the Monument of the Fallen, where the traditional floral tribute to the fallen of all wars will be rendered. Prosecution of the procession through via Etnea; stop in front of the Church of S. Vito M. for a moment of prayer and at the ancient Church of S. Nicola, where the characteristic: “Calata dell’Angelo” will take place. At the end, Solemn entrance of Fercolo in piazza Chiesa Madre between the festive sound of the bells and the firing of fireworks. The entrance of the Saint into the Church will conclude the festive day.

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