Festa di San Vito a Mascalucia

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June 15, 2016 – Mascalucia (CT)

Celebrations in honor to the patron saint and protector Vito in Mascalucia ( CT ) , June 15 , in remembrance of His glorious heavenly birth and the first Sunday of August . As every year the City of Mascalucia is preparing to welcome with great faith and devotion to the patron.

Opening with wagons that tell the life of the saint, and spectacular fireworks. Procession of the Holy effigy of the saint , placed the silvery Fercolo , traditional ‘ party Entry ” (section of Mascalucia neighborhoods, San Vito and Matrix), enchanting fireworks display. The evenings of the festival will end with the opening of the Cart of San Vito, architectural structure in iron and wood characterized by artistic motifs with living characters representing plastically Vito life. The climax of the final scene occurs with the apotheosis of San Vito , unveiled with a grand spectacle of fireworks. The festivities in honor of the Patron Saint begin with Holy Mass, the SS display and led adoration.

More information: www.comunemascalucia.it