Festival of Arancino in Ficarazzi

Festival of Arancino in Ficarazzi
6 September 2018 Daniela Moscato

06- 09 September – Aci Castello (CT)

XVII edition Sagra dell’Arancino 6-9 September 2018 Ficarazzi, fraction of Acicastello (CT). The symbiosis between typically Sicilian gastronomy, music, folklore are the fundamental components for the realization of one of the most important events in the hinterland of Catania.

The late summer king at Ficarazzi is the “Arancino”. The annual appointment with the Sicilian food and wine tradition has become one of the most famous events not only of the entire province; in fact, many tourists come from all over Italy to participate in this festival.

Suffice it also to remember that the Arancino festival, has also aroused the interest of the Rai program schedule. The TV program broadcast on Rai 1 from 2pm to 4pm, “Festa Italiana” has entirely dedicated a service concerning the event and the peculiarities of our Municipality: from the protagonists of the “Terra Trema” by Luchino Visconti to the characteristic crafts, from our splendid balcony on Aci all’arancino record, which has made us famous worldwide. Sometimes we forget all too easily the heritage that the earth in which we live offers us.

But the arancino is male or female? The dispute over the name of this specialty has always been in place. In fact in the western part of our island this piece of hot table is known with the name of arancina, because similar in color and shape to orange. In the eastern part this culinary specialty can also have a conical shape. But this does not detract from the goodness of this preparation that is envied by the whole world.

But how do you prepare this pride of Sicilian cuisine?
To be able to make excellent arancini, the trick is to boil the rice and pour a little saffron during boiling. Create small round “timbales” and flavor them in the center with the sauce. Once this procedure has been carried out, all that is left is to pass the arancini in the flour, in the beaten egg, in the breadcrumbs and then fry in plenty of olive oil. The arancini are good both hot and cold but we suggest to taste them warm to taste the cheese that melts making them even more exquisite. We also recommend opting for the “modern” variants that you can only find in Ficarazzi, a hamlet of Acicastello (Catania). In fact, the classic arancino with butter and sauce, has been enriched by new and inviting flavors: pistachio, octopus, mushrooms, pink sauce, nutella, pesto, vegetarian, chicken, cuttlefish ink and many others. Try them all is really the noblest call that can be addressed.

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