Festival of the Pistachio of Bronte

Festival of the Pistachio of Bronte
28 September 2018 Daniela Moscato

28, 29, 30 September – 5, 6, 7 October – Bronte (CT)

XXIX edition of the Pistachio Festival 28, 29, 30 September – 5, 6, 7 October 2018 in Bronte, the traditional event dedicated to the green gold PDO of the Etna commune: the pistachio, its gastronomic jewel. During the event will be organized guided tours of the historical center of Bronte, exhibitions, conferences, shows and other events.

The Bronte Pistachio Expo promotes the exquisite green fruit that grows on the slopes of Etna and the products derived from it. The pistachio of Bronte is particularly prized and sought after for its aromatic and pleasant flavor in pastry, in ice cream and to flavor and flavor many foods. The oil, extracted from the fruit, also finds application in dermatology for its high emollient and softening qualities. But it is clearly in the kitchen that the pistachio becomes a king. Pistachio is not only synonymous with desserts, but nourishing seasoning for pasta dishes.

At the table
If on the one hand, in fact, the fame of the pistachio pennette has gone around Sicily for their goodness, no less delicious is the homemade fresh pasta made with pistachio flour. The desserts are the master of course: pastas, cakes and ice creams are made even tastier with the precious fruit of Etna that has also been used over the years to invent new delicacies.

In addition to the fabulous ice cream and the vintage pistachio cake (made with sponge cake, sometimes stuffed with a layer of chocolate or nutella that are particularly associated with the taste of the fruit), and tasty pistachio pastes made with the same procedure with which the almond paste is made, there are always more ways to go, the pistachio pesto made with only pistachio and seed oil and the pistachio fillet, or the traditional Bronte cake garnished with the precious fruit.

The sweet pistachio and the savory of the most traditional second courses are able to get married in the pistachio sausage. Prepared at the beginning by the butchers with some perplexity, now it is in great demand. After all, the best mortadella is flavored with pistachio, which is of Bronte and synonymous with great quality. Imagine then a sort of green Nutella that they call here Pistacchiella or more simply pistachio cream. Going through the stands of the festival or going to any pastry shop or restaurant in Bronte you can find all this in a varied cocktail of products that have only one color: the green of the gold of Bronte.

Sicily is the only Italian region where pistachio is produced and Bronte, with over three thousand hectares of cultivation, is the main growing area (more than 80% of the regional area and 1% of the world) with a production with unique characteristics that make it a niche product of great value. The pistachio was already known by the Greeks and Romans, but it has become part of agricultural crops in Sicily only thanks to the Arabs who have discovered that on the territory of Bronte the plant on which to carry out the graft grew spontaneously.

The cultivation environment ranges from 300 to 900 meters above sea level with the plant that adapts to harsh environments such as the Brontese lava soil, where nothing grows except the broom, which, unlike the pistachio, does not produce income . The harvest is still done with the techniques of a time between the steep and angular lava of Etna and the fruit on the plant must first remove the husk, then the shell and finally that skin that protects the pistachio green. Immediately after harvesting, the pistachio must be dried to reduce the percentage of humidity up to 4% (preventing the formation of microorganisms) and the so-called tignosella, the pistachio not yet unshelled.

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