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Flower Festival in Acireale | Etna Walking Rural
Flower Festival in Acireale
27 April 2019 Daniela Moscato

27 April – 1 May, Acireale (CT)

Flower Festival in Acireale (CT). The Baroque center will live the ‘Carnival of Flowers’ from April 27th to May 1st 2019. The whole center of the city will be colored and perfumed by thousands of flowers and the flowered machines, peculiarities of the Acireale Carnival, will give life to a unique and refined show.

Parade of floral wagons, street artists, exhibitions and markets.   the name Aci derives from the Greek Akis, which means penetrating and which refers to the coldness of the river of the same name. At the beginning, Acireale extended from the port of Capo Mulini to the current district of Reitana, where tanneries and mills flourished thanks to the many springs and where, since Roman times, the baths exploited the beneficial properties of sulphurous waters from Etna . During the seventeenth century the urban layout of the city was specified and the centrality of Piazza Duomo was reaffirmed.

The terrible earthquake of 1693, sanctions a reconstruction dedicated to the Baroque splendor, which we can admire in churches and palaces through the streets of the city, and to a cultural ferment that will grow in the following centuries and lead, in 1671 to the foundation of the Pinacoteca Zelantea, among the oldest and richest libraries in Sicily and at the end of the 1800s, at the birth of the Bellini Theater, of the Terme Santa Venera and the first Teatro dei Pupi, artistic testimony of the great art of the Acese puppet opera, inaugurated by great puppeteers, like Mariano Nasca Pennisi.

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