I Presepi di Acireale

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December 3, 2015 / January 6, 2016 – Acireale

Christmas Acireale 2015, traditional “Route of Cribs”. Church of Our Lady of the Snows crib exhibition of ancient invoice dating back to 1700. DOREMUS DOMINUM is the nature trail – Tourist cribs art of Acireale, a collaboration between the most important cultural, tied to the crib, in the city. The route includes the eighteenth-century Nativity, made in the church Santa Maria della Neve, the Nativity of Papier Mache in the San Rocco church, and the Monumental Nativity Scene Neapolitan Nativity Scenes Art Show, both set up in the monumental complex of the Collegiate Basilica of San Sebastiano.

Within sites, visitors will be accompanied by qualifi ed personnel who will provide all the information necessary to understand the cultural context in which they were generated artistic cribs, and manufacturing techniques. The cribs, in fact, are an example of popular culture. Represent, artistically, the Christmas feeling of the local community, which is also expressed through the traditional songs and the popular sayings. The path can be supplemented by visiting the Museo dei Pupi Siciliani and the Historical Uniforms Collection. ADOREMUS DOMINUM therefore offers the opportunity to rediscover the identity Sicilian culture through unique and extraordinary experience.

– Presepe Settecentesco | Chiesa S. Maria della Neve – from December 8 to January 6
On the road that links Acireale with the villages to the sea, there is the characteristic church of Santa Maria della Neve better known as “A Rutta”, the cave. The church is built in the rock, and dates from the mid eighteenth century. The priest Mariano Valerio, decided to impiantarvi a life-size nativity scene. She made by local craftsmen to shape the beautiful faces of the characters wax that make up the tradition of the crib. He commissioned the magnificent finely decorated clothing and completed the scene with objects characteristic of the Sicilian tradition. The approximately thirty people have been newly restored with a careful and meticulous work and are available to the public. Besides the typical characters of the Nativity, with the Virgin nell’inedita laying hold the baby in her arms, it indicates the presence of typical acese nativity scene: “Innaru” (which is heated before the fire) and “u meravighatu from stidda” (which remains entranced by the passage of the comet). In 1752 the cave was consecrated and then a few years later enlarged and completed with a worthy external schedule containing the statues of the nativity. Inside it is kept a themed altarpiece by Vito D’Anna. The church is managed by the parish of Santa Maria degli Angeli and the visit to the crib is organized by the “Pelican”. Mass is celebrated only one suggestive Christmas Eve.
For more information and times: Tel. 095.7893408

– The Star of Bethlehem | Convento San Rocco
The second stop on the itinerary leads inevitably to the Convent of San Rocco, in the premises where there is the Show of craft Cribs “Star of Bethlehem”. Since December 3, 2015 al 6 January 2016
Info: www.gruppoliberiartisti.it – ​​https://www.facebook.com/gruppoliberiartisti/

– Presepe dell’Oratorio | Chiesa PP. Filippini – from 12 December to 10 January
Do not miss the crib displayed at the Oratory of the Filippini Fathers, being Archangel Raphael (next to the Basilica di San Sebastiano). The work, created by the young people of the oratory, usually covering a vast exhibition space and often proposes realistic and living elements (artificial lake, real animals …) that fill with enthusiasm the eyes of children and bring the taste of past childhood in adults accompanying them.
Info: Info: 327.1912914

Monumentale Presepe Napoletano | Basilica S. Sebastiano from December 4 to January 6

Time: from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 16 to 20
Info: 328.9354169 |

More information: www.comune.acireale.ct.it