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Ionian Fair in Acireale | Etna Walking Rural
Ionian Fair in Acireale
1 September 2018 Daniela Moscato

September 01/10 – Acireale (CT)

Fiera del Jonio in Acireale (CT) from 1 to 10 September 2018 one of the oldest and most important Sicilian fairs. Born in 1932, in memory of the ancient Franca di Santa Venera Fair granted with privilege in 1422 by Alfonso the Magnanimous. Which took place in the territory of the ACI for the barter of the products of Etna. The event will be held in the historic center a few steps from the Duomo and the monumental churches of the city.

The Ionian trade fair, based on the experience gained and demonstrated, is proposed as a “bag” of productive ideas where it is possible to exhibit products from all over the world with particular attention to crafts, the Sicilian one mainly. Today the Ionian Fair aims to promote new ideas and articles, not neglecting the importance of Sicilian craftsmanship. Trade, Industry Agriculture, Gastronomy.

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