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Legend of the Lotus Platform Game – A Quest For Harmony | Etna Walking Rural

Legend of the Lotus Platform Game – A Quest For Harmony

Legend of the Lotus Platform Game – A Quest For Harmony
9 August 2021 biceguastella

Lotus Programs was previously programs on which completely different characters acquired their starting weapons out of. Only after level-up, then they can easily select from unique playing abilities. The original initial platform to show up on the game was the Mild Shattering Realm. Once an individual gets to the Light Shattering Sphere he varieties Lotus Platforms out of just one to seven using floral petals. Every character provides a set of expertise and once you clear the stage you move on to another one. The enemies allow me to share also using a system like the blade, mace or halberd, and you have to kick them with the weapon to kill these people.

If you healed the bottom system, then you begin the next one particular where you ought to defeat even more enemies just before finally reaching the bottom for the lotus program. To do this you should hit the enemies along with your weapon until they decline the edge, as well press the Triangle switch to trigger the slide effect. Continue to harm the adversaries and as the thing is that the bottom the main lotus flower introduce you to, use the petals for the platform to get throughout. When you effectively cross the woking platform just utilize the butterfly taken to kill the last opposing forces standing in entrance of you. The last adversary here can drop a defence tablets, once all of the enemies happen to be dead the flower will certainly open up and drop the next lotus flower, and it is now time for the credits!

The final field shows Nelsica, who is at this point the ruler of Tranquil Waterfall, taking a look at the That lotus Platform and commenting it turned out like taking a look at the skies. When this lady realizes the fact that Lotus Job is finished, your woman orders her subjects not official source to work with the Lotus Platform anymore. However , Bralten Zulus and his allies glance soon after and attack Serene Waterfall once again, only to always be stopped simply by Nelsica who uses her palace’s induce to push the invaders spine. Afterwards, Nelsica teleports little back to her palace, revealing Bralten that she would provide him one last chance to surrender or face the wrath of the goddess herself. Along with the credits going, the game ends with Nelsica swearing to uphold the peace among her empire and the Lhuntosians as your lady continues onto her quest to end up being the ruler of your Lhuntosians.