May’s fest in Valverde
5 May 2019 Daniela Moscato

Every Sunday in May, Valverde (CT)

Faith, culture and tradition. Every Sunday in May in the historic center of Valverde entertainment and entertainment for children, street food with thematic gastronomic routes, typical products with tasting.

Municipality of the province of Catania, Valverde rises 305 meters above sea level. At the end of the Middle Ages, its birth in all likelihood by the Acese population that in time left the coast due to the raids of Muslim piracy, takes place around a shrine of the Madonna erected along one of the few and insecure roads that crossed the wood of Aci.

The origins of Valverde sink into the legend of the foundation of the church of S. Maria. This legend, reported for the first time in the Vitae Sanctorum Siculorum by Ottavio Gaetani, tells of a repentant brigand, Dionisio, and of various apparitions of the Madonna in 1040. And the painting that refined the Valverese shrine must have been so beautiful that it is thought to be of miraculous origin (“divinitus picta“) is the news of the erection of the church.

More information and program: Website of Valverde