Octopus Festival in Pozzillo
21 July 2018 Daniela Moscato

July 21st to 22nd, Pozzillo (CT)

Octopus Festival in the magnificent setting of the village of Pozzillo on July 21-22, 2018, the event every year attracts thousands of visitors among curious and passionate. In Piazza S. Margherita Regina tasting stand where octopus salads accompanied by good wine and music are served. The event takes place on the penultimate weekend of July, on the occasion of the feast of the patron saint Santa Margherita

Il Borgo, surrounded by citrus gardens, is located on the shore of the Ionian Sea and is about 6 km from Acireale (CT). Its name derives from the Sicilian “Pizziddu” which means small tip or small head on the sea. The town was built around the old church, already existing in the sixteenth century, which stood right on the pizziddu and of which today there is no trace, having been torn down to make room for speculative building in the ’70s. The current nineteenth-century building of worship is located in the center of the village, and is dedicated to Santa Margherita. The cliff of Pozzillo between the Fontanelle bay and the Cale is characterized by a continuous alternation of small bays and small points between which dominates that of the “marine ox” from the characteristic shape in the shape of a crouched dog.

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