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Routes | Etna Walking Rural


“Rural itineraries” deep within woods and natural reserves, along citrus fields  and time-defying hamlets tell us the history and the flavours of this land.


These are the must-see routes if you’re looking for romance and panoramic views.
Acireale’s “Timpa” is a lava ridge 80 meters high, a “terrace” on the Ionian Sea, which shows us a wonderful panorama and the local wildlife. A must-see experience, in the midst of fishing villages, country roads built in lava stones, “chiazzette”, dry stone walls and freshwater springs.

A) Path “Delle Chiazzette > Mulino Beach > Miuccio Springs”
B) Path “Acquegrandi”
C) Path “Acque Del Ferro > Santa Caterina”
D) Path “Pietra Monaca”


At the foot of the south eastern side of Etna, there’s a green line connecting the towns of Camporotondo Etneo, San Pietro Clarenza, Mascalucia, San Giovanni La Punta and Tremestieri Etneo.
It’s the Forest of Monte Ceraulo, where nature and the wildlife environment come together to give life to one of the last remaining glimpses of the picturesque Mediterranean.

A) Path “Camporotondo > San Pietro Clarenza > Mascalucia”
B) Path “Valverde > Acicatena”
C) Path “Aci Bonaccorsi > Aci Sant’Antonio > Aci Catena > Acireale”


An exciting journey through history and imagination in the valley that stretches between the district of Reitana and Capo Mulini, in the Aci district.
An old fortified courtyard, water mills, a warehouse with his lava stone-built washboard, an important archaeological site, fields of citrus groves, country roads and waterfalls of pure water give life to an impressive scenery in Sicily.

Discover the district