Sagra del Tonno Bianco a Stazzo

Sagra del Tonno Bianco a Stazzo
31 July 2017 Daniela Moscato

05/06 August – Acireale (CT)

White Tuna Festival in Stazzo, seaside village of Acieale (CT) 5/6 August 2017. The event is organized by the Ass. La stella club. In the splendid setting of the sea of ​​Stazzo you can taste tasty sandwiches with the delicious fish sliced ​​expertly by expert hands.

The event aims to make the most of the seaside village of Stazzo, promotes the local catch the marketing and conservation processes of the same. The white tuna (Thunnus alalunga), commonly called “albacore tuna”, is widespread in the Mediterranean Sea. In Italian seas it is common, its presence is particularly massive around the Aeolian islands and in the Ionian Sea. It is almost always found on the high seas and migrations to the north in the hot season. It is very similar to the bluefin tuna, the most evident difference is in the pectoral fins, which extend up to the anal fin, moreover the eye is bigger. The color is similar to that of bluefin tuna, dark blue on the back and white on the sides and belly. It reaches one meter in length for 25 kg of weight and is mainly caught with the “conzo” longline tool. The meat is rosy white and not red; from some it is preferred to that of bluefin tuna, because it is leaner and consumed fresh and preserved in oil.

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