Sagra della Pepata di cozze ad Acicastello

Sagra della Pepata di cozze ad Acicastello
8 June 2017 Daniela Moscato

9/11 June – Acicastello (CT)

Mussel Pepata Festival. The event takes place in the enchanting seaside village of Acicastello (CT). Tasting of products based on fish.

Today Aci Castello is at the center of a coastal territory that attracts people for tourism of various kinds. The Castle and the Piazza at its feet continue to be the main destinations of those who do not give up the walk between sea, sun and enchanting views but also the routes of the internal streets offer glimpses of works of eighteenth century lava stone or old trees or “altars” between the pebbles and the bases of Via Savoia or along neighborhoods and streets that naturally flow into the sea.

The Giovanni Verga literary park is a route along the still existing places that inspired the Verghiani masterpieces. A memorial recovery that opens up unprecedented horizons in ancient landscapes, creating an ideal bridge between nature and culture and at the same time offering possibilities for tourist and economic development.

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