Sagra dell’Acciuga a Valverde

Sagra dell’Acciuga a Valverde
4 August 2017 Daniela Moscato

August 17/20 – Valverde (CT)

32nd edition of the Anchovy Festival 17/20 August 2017 in Valverde (CT). During the event will be present stands with typical products of the Sicilian folk tradition and it will be possible to taste dishes based on anchovy.

The origins of the dell’Acciuga festival come from an ancient tradition of the 19th century. The “Trezzoti” fishermen started salting in May because the anchovies need about 90 days to complete the salting process. The first anniversary to be able to sell this product was therefore the feast of the Madonna di Valverde, which occurs every year on the last Sunday of August. The tradition is handed down to the present day, in which the municipality of Valverde undertakes annually to promote the event that has its secular background, witnessed by the famous Verghian novel “I Malavoglia” which describes how the sale of salted anchovies constituted a means of livelihood for fishermen during the winter season.
The festival, which takes place in the Piazza del Santuario where once during the feast of the Madonna (roughly in mid-August) was sold anchovies, since 1986 has become a pretext and an opportunity to meet and attend pleasant moments of traditional folklore and simplicity. The Piazza del Santuario di Valverde is the beating heart and the hub of the town, home to the wonderful Sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna di Valverde and is a destination for numerous pilgrimages and sightseeing. It has always hosted all the edition of the Sagra dell’Acciuga, finding numerous consents, thanks above all to its stragetic position, to the architectural and cultural beauty, as well as to the positive influence coming from the Sanctuary
To enrich the event will be present several other products, from food & wine par excellence to local products, national and international, through organic, to desserts and the most varied culinary traditions of our parts. Inside the kermesse, visitors can also visit a typical local craft market, with space also for the activities and commercial products of the moment.

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