San Martino Feast in Aci Bonaccorsi

San Martino Feast in Aci Bonaccorsi
11 November 2018 Daniela Moscato

11st november / Aci Bonaccorsi

Feast of San Martino in Aci Bonaccorsi, Sunday 11 November 2018 tasting of typical products: roasted sausage, caliceddi, chestnuts and new wine, roasted chestnuts and mustard, folklore shows and moments of entertainment for young and old.

Aci Bonaccorsi is a small town in the province of Catania, which extends over the coastal hill at 362 m above sea level, in gentle slope from Mount Etna towards the sea. Just 13 km from the capital, its mild climate, typically hilly, the lush green of citrus gardens, vineyards and orchards characterize this country as a quiet and enjoyable residential town just outside the big city.

The historical origins of what in the revelations of the pastoral visits of 1624, preserved in the historical archives of the Archiepiscopal Curia of Catania, was called Quartiero delli Bonaccursi di Jaci should be traced back to the pre-existence of three primitive inhabited nuclei consisting of small groups of distinct houses and clearly separated, although they did not exceed a distance of no more than five hundred meters from each other. For these three original settlements, named Battiati, Pauloti and Sciara, which will give life to the homonymous neighborhoods, a precise date of birth can not be fixed. However, it is possible to think of it later than the historical and traumatic event of the lava flow of 1408.

Only later did the archaic nucleus assume a more unitary conformation with the connection of two other districts, Piazza and Lavina, also the latter on the lava flow of the 1408 and initially place of hermits.


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