Sfilata Storica dei Re Magi ad Aciplatani

Sfilata Storica dei Re Magi ad Aciplatani
11 December 2017 Daniela Moscato

06 January – Aciplatani (CT)

XXVII Edition HISTORICAL SHOW OF THE KING MAGI. Aci Platani celebrates in great style the Epiphany. Unique cultural and religious event that takes place in a magical atmosphere that arouses strong emotions. The Parade, with real characters in ancient costumes, harnessed horses and other animals, represents various biblical phases, from the creation of the world, to Cain and Abel, Moses, the Egyptians and the slaves up to the birth of Baby Jesus. set up in the parvis of the mother church of Aciplatani dedicated to Maria SS of Mount Carmel.

The “Historical Parade of the Three Wise Men on horseback” takes place every year on the morning of 6 January, the feast of the Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ. The event, born in the late eighties, thanks to the Cultural Association Mons. A. Calabretta, which takes care of the organization, has marked, in recent years, a considerable growth, establishing itself as one of the most important Christmas events in the area acese. Every year, the entire platanese community remains involved in the hard work of preparation and everyone feels protagonists in the search for colors, decorations and details that can make the show more and more rich and interesting.

Thanks to the new scenographic effects, the artistic clothes prepared with care and skill by the many local seamstresses and the collaboration of Mr. Nicotra’s Scuderia, which guarantees the presence of many horses and riders, all those who choose to come and see the show every year to a show of extraordinary beauty. An initiative that in addition to having great artistic and cultural value has a high religious significance. In fact, it constitutes a unique moment to bring the Gospel message of the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ to everyone, even to those who have long been feeling far from the Christian experience.

Thanks, in fact, to the involvement of many people, it is possible, through the interpretation of over 250 biblical characters, to reconstruct the most significant stages of the “History of Salvation”: from Genesisic sin to the liberation of the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery; from the proclamation of the Sinaitic law, to the preannouncing of the Messiah in the many oracles of the prophets, and so on in a crescendo of events, ever more significant that prefigure the coming of Christ and his recognition as the King of the world. At the end of the parade through the streets of the most populous Acese village, the many biblical characters give rise to a brief dramatization. Singular and awaited the arrival in Piazza dei Magi that, riding their horses, bring to the Child the traditional gifts.

Foto Author Giuseppe Sottile

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