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Sicilian Cannolo Festival in Aci Bonaccorsi | Etna Walking Rural
Sicilian Cannolo Festival in Aci Bonaccorsi
24 May 2019 Daniela Moscato

Sicilian Cannolo Festival from 24 to 26 May 2019 in Aci Bonaccorsi (CT).
Three days dedicated to one of the best known Sicilian pastry specialties. Crafts, Shows, Animation, Stands, Gastronomy.

Aci Bonaccorsi is a small municipality in the Province of Catania, which extends to 362 m. above sea level, gently sloping from Etna to the sea. Its mild, typically hilly climate, the lush green of citrus gardens, vineyards and orchards characterize this town as a quiet and enjoyable residential town on the outskirts of the big city

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