Tessiture Contemporanee a San Giovanni la Punta

Tessiture Contemporanee a San Giovanni la Punta
14 June 2015 Claudio Cocuzza

14 giugno / 30 ottobre – San Giovanni La Punta (CT)

The Green La Malfa FoundationArt Park, on the seventh anniversary since its establishment – Sunday 14 February at 18.00, at its headquarters, hosts again their double event with culture, proposing the opening of a permanent section dedicated to vintage clothes, produced in collaboration with the Museum of Costume/kitchen of Scicli, and temporary collective exhibition of young artists contemporary Textures, by the art historian Ilaria Bignotti. Memory and innovation are the builiding blocks the upon which the mission of The Foundation La Malfa Green – Art Park, chaired and directed by 2012 by Prof.Alfredo L builds the project. On one hand, the Foundation proposes a project of valorization and permanent storage for the collection of clothes on display is part of the Green Fund L; on the other, with Contemporary Textures intends to reflect on the relationship between tradition and modernity, on the meaning of craftsmanship, the artifact, the slow-building approach; the persistence of memory and adaptation of knowledge to the experience; on the value of work between innovation and repetition.

Just a month after the presentation at the Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa (Venice) of “Italian Resilience”, published by Mimesis , a series od dialogues and reflections that leads to knowledge of art and culture, Resilience and curator of the movement, Ilaria Bignotti is back in Sicily, Catania, with a new exhibition project, contemporary Textures.

Italian resilience, conceived and founded in 2013 by Ilaria Bignotti and sculptor Francesco Arecco, is movement which gathers sculptors, intellectuals, cultural operators and more within the reflection on the State of the art in Italy, in particular, of sculpting. The latter encompasses several key elements of today’s cultural and social debate: the role of the territory in relation to materials; the public dimension of the work; the nature of the artist in society, the value of the peculiarities of each place where creative context; intercultural dialogue; the concept of the monument. Paola Anziché, Alberto Gallegos, Francesca Pasquali, Laura, Reindeer(the last three are also members of the collective movement of art and culture Italian Resilience) are the artists  invited to participate in the Contemporary Textures. Through the exhibits, the exhibition aims to analyze the methods and motivations that underlie contemporary artistic research proposed by Baker. By weaving the stitching, from spinning to sculpture: these are techniques used by artists to innovate and invent new textiles, later transformed into large sculptures and site-specific installations. The exhibition also has a catalog.

The vintage section, located on the top floor of the Foundation, in a wing dedicated to it, consists of a rich collection of clothes, accessories and vintage lingerie dating from the early eighteenth century, halfway through the 19th and 20th centuries,  oraganized on a precise preparation and scientific vision by the managers of the Museum of Costume/kitchen of Scicli, John Portelli and Joan Gamble.

Opening the Conference which will take place Sunday, June 14, 2015 always at 18.00, at the headquarters of the Foundation. The speakers are Prof. Alfredo L, President of The Foundation La Malfa Green – Art Park, the Mayor of San Giovanni La Punta, which sponsored the event, the leaders of the Museum of Costume/kitchen of Scicli, John Portelli and Joan Gamble, the art historian Ilaria Bignotti. There will be also the artists who took part in the project.

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