Un Mare di Bontà a Santa Tecla

Un Mare di Bontà a Santa Tecla
31 July 2017 Daniela Moscato

06 August – Santa Tecla (CT)

7th Edition. Also this year the Centro Surgelati of Acireale organizes “Un Mare di Bontà” on Sunday 6th August 2017, an eno-gastronomic event that takes place in the streets of the fishing village of Santa Tecla, fraction of Acireale (CT) Un Mare di Bontà the most beautiful and evocative event created by the Centro Surgelati srl of Acireale, with the owners, the Ferlito family, and with the Chef Alfio Visalli, who do not forget the origins and the aims of the appointment.

The great protagonists of the event: food and wine, in all their freshness and genuineness, as is the tradition of the cooks involved in the initiative. Inside the food stations set up it will be possible to taste the excellences of the Sicilian sea, to which will be added some of the best winemaking productions of the Island,

Santa Tecla is a fraction of Acireale, in the province of Catania. Located north-east of Acireale and lying at the foot of the Timpa falconiera, Santa Tecla is now a seaside resort and residential. The first historical records of Santa Tecla date back to the XIII century and therefore the birth of the village preceded the traditional one of Aquilia (today Acireale) dated in the XIV century approximately. Since the 16th century, due to some raids by Turkish corsairs, it was equipped with a guard post, which however failed to defend the village from the pirate Luccialì, who landed there on May 3, 1582 under the command of seven galleys and three hundred pirates . The village was hit by several earthquakes, including the “Earthquake of Acireale”, 2002 “Earthquake of Santa Venerina”. From some geological studies the presence of a series of active faults has been highlighted.

For more information: http://centrosurgelati.it/